Our Story

26 Motors was founded in 2017 by Moshe, Yosef, and Aharon with a dream to change the way people buy cars and the car business itself. They started with only twenty-five cars in the lot and quickly grew as they worked to modernize the dealership business and change the car-buying experience.

The trio teamed up with the idea to build a transparent business. In kabbalistic terms, the number 26 means "God's name"; therefore, the company's name means "God's Motors," and they believe that without the blessing of God, they are nothing.  

Working together as a team and overcoming many obstacles that come along the way, they started in a small car lot in the Eastchester area of The Bronx. Owning only twenty-five standard daily drivers, and later realizing how the community was interested in luxury cars, which no other dealership had in the area at the time. 26 Motors started being the prime dealership where people shopped for luxury cars. From having exclusive inventory, building a great online presence, and helping those who needed a second chance to purchase a vehicle, 26 Motors began changing the dealership business. Offering exclusive red carpet treatment with confetti galore making everyone feel special. 

Fast-forward to 2022, 26 Motors is the largest independent pre-owned dealership in the tri-state area. Now owning multiple stores throughout New York, with four lots in The Bronx, two in Queens, one in Jamaica, two on Long Island, and more to come. With over 800 cars in inventory for their customers to choose from.

26 Motors is not just a car dealership, but it's a movement to give people the opportunity to own a vehicle regardless of their situation. Transparency and customer service are their most important company values. Making sure everyone drives off the lot with a smile is one of the things that makes 26 Motors unique. As the Company's slogan quotes "We are not the same", we have archive success by bringing a different car buying experience and upscaling their work environment to a more relaxed atmosphere. 26 Motors is a family.

VIP Celebrities

A day at 26 Motors is unlike a day at any other dealership. You may just run into A list celebrities like 50 Cent, Play pool alongside Sheff G, 
a chart-topping rapper, or end up taking a selfie with DJ Envy. Our stores have become the favorite hang out spot for celebrities and rappers, 
because of our lounge environment. Now you can shop for your dream luxury vehicle at the same place as your favorite artists.
DJ Envy with his 2022 Tesla Model X plaid at our Bronx location.
  50 Cent Buying at our Bronx Location buying his Porsche Macan.
Sheff G Getting his second car from 26 Motors Jeep Trackhawk. 

Stress-Free Car-Shopping

Our first focus is serving our clients the finest car buying experience. When customers come into our showroom they have the flexibility to laidback and relax while shopping, which promotes a stress-free environment. Unlike other dealerships, in which you may be sitting across a sales person's desk, at 26 Motors we are sitting besides the customer ensuring they feel welcomed. Not only did we set up our showroom with homely sofas throughout, but also a pool table and arcade among other forms of entertainment that vary from stores. We ensure the customer has a memorable and lucid car buying experience. 

Apart from our lounge style showrooms and customer service approach, we provide an exclusive VIP Red carpet experience. We make every customer feel exceptional by rolling out the red carpet with a rain of confetti creating a momentous experience. We believe that when you buy a luxury car, you deserve a grand experience. 
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